Coaches Uniform Policy

VMBA Coaches Uniform Policy Tadpole  to Midget Divisions

(A guide to what is acceptable decorum at Vancouver Minor Baseball- As approved by VMBA Executive).


Head- Baseball cap, supplied by league.

Shirt- supplied by league

Pants- Official baseball pants. You must purchase your own   (Prostock offers 10% discount to VMB members).

Belt - supplied by league, just ask our equipment manager when getting your team shirts.

Jacket/wind breaker/ pull over –Supplied by League or purchased by team with approved league logo & font.  Two per team unless you are coaching on a AA or AAA team, three.

Note:  If you are not dressed in a proper uniform you will be in violation of VMBA’s uniform policy. If you are in violation you could be asked to step away from coaching on a VMBA team until you are able to dress in an acceptable manor, as it is presented here.


Thank You, from your VMBA Executive


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