Coaching Application Form

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Please read Undertaking, Equipment Return, Release and Criminal Record Check paragraphs below before submitting application.

Undertaking: I undertake to conduct myself in a manner which befits the position of trust and leadership for which I may be appointed and acknowledge that I may face disciplinary action under the rules of amateur baseball if I fail to maintain the level of conduct and sportsmanship required by this Association.

Equipment Return: I will, if accepted as a coach for the 2018 season, agree to return all equipment provided by the Vancouver Minor Baseball Association, in good condition, and should I fail to do so, I agree to reimburse the League for the replacement cost of the same if required by the Association.

Release: In consideration of this application to coach under the auspices of the Vancouver Minor Baseball Association, I do hereby for myself, heirs, executors, and administrators assign and remise, release and forever discharge the Association, its officers, or anyone acting on their behalf from all manner of litigation, damage claims, or demands in law or equity which I may have or acquire by reason of personal injury to myself, loss of damage to property which may occur during or by reason of participation in the activities of the Association. The Vancouver Minor Baseball Association is committed to providing a safe playing environment for all of the members within our Association. Coaches and Team Managers that have not completed this application form will not be allowed to participate in any event(s) such as tryouts, practices and games.

Criminal Record Check:  Please note that you will be required to pass a criminal record check before you are allowed to coach.  Go to this link for more infor:

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